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Little Devil by Simone Solon
Cover and other illustrations by Katriona Chapman

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About "Little Devil"

The Little Devil, or 'LD' as his friends call him, is an imp. He has horns, a long tail, magical powers, and a devilish sense of humour. He can bring things to life, make you fly, create fantastic illusions, and even step into parallel worlds. But playing games with the Little Devil can lead to serious problems! Five year old Elizabeth, her ten year old brother, Jason, and their visiting cousin, Jasmine, who is eleven, suddenly find they have a lot more to deal with than just household chores.

Chpt 1 - The Little Devil
Chpt 2 - Devils and Chocolate Cake
Chpt 3 - Lazy Devil
Chpt 4 - Flying in the Dark
Chpt 5 - 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…'
Chpt 6 - Trespassers Will Be Eaten
Chpt 7 - Bicycles and Rocking Horses
Chpt 8 - Party
Chpt 9 - The Well in the Woods
Chpt 10 - Most Ancient of the Demon Children
Chpt 11 - Bad Magic
Chpt 12 - Good Magic
Chpt 13 - The Last Adventure
Chpt 14 - The Box

Little Devil
ISBN: 0-9552839-0-6

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