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by Cassandra Solon-Parry

A spark is shared between the eyes:
Acknowledgement of the courage to look deeper;
And a desire to see further into the intricate depths.

Standing side by side:
Some warmth is felt, half guessed, some glow of honesty;
Assurance, the power to hold and protect.

And between smiles something special is revealed:
Smiles can be made without surface -
The layers are all pulled down;
There is some truth between us.

And in the touch of hands:
The promise of soothing, understanding,
some guidance and some care.

Between bodies the weight of passion is felt:
Of self and ego, ambition and need for creation,
And trust, submission, the desire to share
And have no secrets -
Everything laid bare.

And in speech:
Some respect, some knowledge,
Some earnest belief in each other, one another,
To join in love and reason,
To give life more meaning,
To try and be