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Labyrinth: The Song of the Dragon
Simone Solon

"I am old." said the dragon, "and my fires are done;
but I remember the ages at the start of the fun
When the fire in my belly was the fire of the sun,
Of creation itself as it burned to become,
and rendered the rock In the forge of the void
to give birth to my brethren in the silence destroyed
When time was so new that the tick and the tock
had not found their way to the heart of a clock
but thundered and rumbled in the shivering space
That still will not die in its finite embrace."

"I am cold," said the dragon, "but I remember a time,
When the life on this planet was no more than slime,
When my eyes were like suns and the fire was fresh
and had not yet bowed to the embrace of the flesh,
Before the heart-beat of stars as they tumbled and rolled,
Had been captured and held in Earth's gems and in gold,
And though time is the ice that cracks life apart,
The ice of its silence cannot crack my heart,
For to ages of ever I will always return
And renewed in that void I'll once again burn.