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by Simone Solon

Triumphant Youth, like fire that flames in the forest,
     Vigorous like dance, like poesy, obsessed,
Half fearful, half delighted by its own hectic display,
     Hypnotising all with the fiery interplay,
          Of blue and amber flame, of heat and light ,
          (Life is a dangerous game, a magical flight,)
Youth burns up the jungle, heats up the heart,
Brings the old to an end and makes new things start,
About mighty Youth the sparks whirl like stars,
          And shadows hold back though time races past.

When Age, at last, comes into her own,
     And the fire subsides and she is alone,
A bed of smouldering landscapes burn close to the ground,
     And the trees, lithe and tall, stand quiet around,
Brooding she stares into the mystery of Self,
     The jewelled caverns bright with her wisdom and wealth,
The concealling darknesses and disguising smoke,
The dying places where grey ashes cloak
          still sleeping coals,
And shoals of shadow and flows of light ripple and blend,
          embracing the night,
A dark tower breaks into a bed of bright gems,
A blackened mound bursts and volcanically sends
     a searching flame outward to safely acquire,
     further fuel to nourish the fire.
And the dark sifts in closer to take up its share,
But Age is content that the dark should be there.