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Bluebeard: The Seventh Wife
by Violette Taghavi

Once upon a time there was me, Bluebeard. That was my name and I had no other name, only Bluebeard. And why? Because I had a blue beard!

I had no friends or family: they disowned me, and for what? One harmless, small, blue beard. No one knew the real me because there was no one to show my personality to. People only judged me by my blue beard. I soon realized that the only way to get noticed would be to get rich. Rich, I tell you!

All my life I dreamed of having someone who would love me, care for me and not judge my blue beard. I wanted someone I could trust not to leave me. Trust me. Trust, thatís all I want.

I had six wives before. I donít like to talk about them; they disowned me. My seventh wife, Violet, my current wife, is dazzling, gorgeous and an exquisite sight to see. Her hair is blacker than black can get. Violet had to be the one. I had never thought like that about someone before.

The day, not just any day, my final day had come. This is the story of my terrible death.

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