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Telling Tales
by Lawrence Solon-Parry


Well, er, we were in our graphics class just, you know, getting on with our work, and when I say we, us, I mean Lee and our friends, and I went to ask Mr Wheetle a question about the work and that was fine, but then, when I got back to the desk my pencil was gone. So, I looked for a bit, like on the floor and stuff, but I couldn't find it, so I asked Shane if he knew where my pencil was and he said "No," so then I asked Jamie and he said he didn't know and then I looked around and there were just these four boys sitting at a table looking at me, sniggering. So I went up to them and said, "Where's my pencil?" in quite a, well, aggressive tone and they all started saying, "Oh, we don't know where your pencil is," "We've never seen it," and stuff. But basically they just said, "we don't know where it is," but because they kept on laughing I told this boy, Joseph, to give me my pencil but he just said he didn't know where it was.

A minute after they had told me they didn't know where it was, this little boy, Joseph, says, "Ah, yeah, we saw Alexandra take it." He's your typical trouble maker, Joseph that is. But anyway, I went to Alexandra and told him to give me my pencil but he had, like, no idea what I was talking about and then I kind of gave up looking for it after that. But then, a minute later, Joseph showed me half my pencil and said he'd found it on the floor and I asked which one of them had done it and they just started saying, "Ah, it's just a pencil, man, why you crying for?" This was really annoying since they kind of turned me into the one that was causing trouble. So I got really annoyed and basically, as a result, they pretty much, you know, ruined my lesson. I didn't get any work done really but even worse than that the teacher actually came and complained: he came over and said, "You never do any work. Why haven't you done any work?" But I had told him that they had taken my pencil and he hadn't done anything.

It sounds really insignificant, but, you know, that was a whole lesson wasted.

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